Biz@Net: New Jersey Business Networking Group
Biz@Net: New Jersey Business Networking Group.
Exchange ideas and referrals.  Develop business and social opportunities.
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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions


Does Biz@Net provide networking equipment for businesses?
In short, no. We're a business networking group, not a group that provides networks for businesses. The "Net" in our name refers to the fact that our members meet regularly to exchange ideas, leads and contacts, to offer referrals, and develop business and social opportunities. However, one of our members specializes in business networks.  Top

So what is business networking?
Business networking refers to the regular and periodic contacts between members that builds business and personal relationships. These contacts provide members with ideas, information, advice, business opportunities, referrals, and personal support. At Biz@Net the primary mechanism is our biweekly breakfast meeting.  Top

What can Biz@Net do for me?
In a word, growth. Our biweekly meetings, often with guest speakers, provide the mechanism for education, training, and most importantly, for qualified referrals and business opportunities. Our relaxed, no requirements atmosphere, supports new relationships, both professional and personal, which make it easier to find jobs, locate employees, close deals, reach decision makers, and connect with potential business partners.  Top

How do I join Biz@Net?
Our membership application is all that's needed to begin the process. For additional information about the group, please look over these FAQs, and read about us. Still have questions? Email our President, Paul Roberts, or call him during business hours at 201-934-4573.  Top

I'm in business in South Carolina. Can I join your group?
Until we have other local groups, no. We believe that face-to-face, hand-to-hand networking is more effective than virtual networking. Our members have breakfast together biweekly, and get to know and care about each other personally and professionally. Although they do business globally, they meet and for the most part work in Northern New Jersey.  Top

I'm an appraiser, but that business category isn't open. Should I apply anyway?
Yes, you may qualify under another category or we may be able to create a new category to accomodate you. Of course, there are no guarantees. When it comes to business categories, we are committed to diversity for the benefit of all, and to exclusivity for the protection of individual members.  Top

Your membership fee is a little steep. Do you have associate memberships?
There are no plans to offer reduced price memberships. The $100 membership, which covers administrative expenses and provides for benefits such as guest speakers and this website, is actually very low because we are a self-managed group. The $35 monthly breakfast fee covers the cost of the biweekly meetings. Remember, we are real people, holding actual meetings, and deriving tangible benefits. Our is not a virtual or paper association.  Top